Phantoms of the Deep

Friday, October 27, from 9pm until late

Dive into the eerie elegance of Phantoms of the Deep, an opulent Halloween masquerade celebration, where guests are invited to traverse uncharted waters, encountering ethereal creatures and captivating mysteries. Mingle with apparitions from the abyss and surrender to mesmerizing tunes spun by sensational DJs, D’Witches and Sam Blacky, making this enchanted evening a hypnotizing experience that blurs the line between fantasy and reality.

Enhance your evening with premium bottle service, sparkling champagne parades, and exquisite omakase tasting menus.


Spooky Ever After

Available a la carte on October 26 through October 31

For an exclusive amount of time, savor the decadent Spooky Ever After dessert platter for an elevated sweet and eerie finish to our curated Omakase and a la carte menus.

Indulge in our Warm Pumpkin Spiced Donuts, freshly baked and dripping with enchanting spices. Then, dare to savor the hauntingly sweet Strawberries n’ Cream Skull with Shortbread Crunch.

Our exotic Homemade Ice Cream offers an otherworldly taste adventure, while the decadent Chocolate Meltdown Cake beckons with a molten, dark embrace.

Nocturnal Featuring MOOJO

Dive into the enchanting depths of Nocturnal, as Scary Fish transforms our mesmerizing late-night supper party into a ghoulish halloween affair. Immerse yourself in a nocturnal ocean realm, where the shimmering mermaids captivate your senses as MOOJO creates a pulsating soundtrack to the night.

Surrender to the seductive allure of the oceanic atmosphere as the sirens beckon you to dance, creating an unforgettable experience that merges fantasy and reality. Let the waves of music, beauty, and excitement wash over you as you embark on a nocturnal journey like no other.