Endless Sundown Wednesdays

Join Sexy Fish Miami every Wednesday for an unforgettable evening of dinner and live music!

From sultry jazz melodies to energetic Latin rhythms, prepare to be amazed as some of Miami’s finest musicians take the stage, delivering an electrifying performance that will leave you mesmerized.

Elevate your experience with unlimited champagne and handcrafted cocktails that will keep the bubbles flowing and the atmosphere buzzing.

Undercurrent Thursdays

Undercurrent Presents: Sea Symphony.

Dive headfirst into the sultry depths of Sea Symphony. As you step into this aquatic wonderland, you’ll be immersed in electrifying entertainment featuring an electronic quartet, a world-class violinist, and dazzling models adorned in costumes inspired by shipwrecks and crashing waves.

Allow us to transport you to the heart of a tumultuous ocean, where crashing waves and a turbulent sky create an atmosphere brimming with captivating mystery and peril while also irresistibly exuding a seductive and glamorous allure. Prepare for an unforgettable night of luxurious indulgence, where the energy of the sea meets the allure of the night, making your experience at Sexy Fish truly sensational.

After Dark Fridays

Sexy Fish transforms from 10pm into an electric drinking and dining spot every Friday for After Dark.

Guests can enjoy a menu curated by our Executive Chef Director, exquisite cocktails and drinks including some of the finest Champagnes and tequila by the bottle. The energy in the restaurant builds as guests are entertained with house music from our headlining artists and DJs.

Nocturnal Saturdays

Dive into the enchanting depths of Nocturnal, our mesmerizing late-night supper party at Sexy Fish Miami. Immerse yourself in a nocturnal ocean realm, where the shimmering mermaids captivate your senses as resident DJ Manhatan creates a pulsating soundtrack to the night.

Surrender to the seductive allure of the oceanic atmosphere as the sirens beckon you to dance, creating an unforgettable experience that merges fantasy and reality. Let the waves of music, beauty, and excitement wash over you as you embark on a nocturnal journey like no other.