Art Basel Week

Sexy Fish creates a unique and visually magnificent setting for lunch or dinner. Designed by an art lover and collector, it showcases an incredible 10 original artworks by Damien Hirst, the works are a celebration of sea life biodiversity exploring the beauty of the shapes and forms found in the oceans”. Damien Hirst said of the project it’s a brilliant opportunity to get to create something new, exciting and sublime for a public place, I’ve created a large frieze and some site specific undersea works for Sexy Fish's unbelievable space in Miami. These pieces are really a continuation of the work i made for the London restaurant, which came from the work i was doing on my Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable project in Venice. I always love seeing my art hanging out in the world, and not just in a dusty museum or gallery, with people living and engaging with it, even if it’s just for three courses. The work feels more alive to me somehow with the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant and the noise and the chatter that goes with it. I’ve worked with Richard for many years now, and I love working with him as he’s a visionary and loves art so much, and food and understands how to make an amazing restaurant and the place art can have in it, and how to make the combination blow your mind and lift your spirits.”

In addition there is a stunning Frank Gehry installation comprising of 26 fish lamps circling the bar. The artistry and passion runs through not only the interior but in the curation and presentation of the food and drink, each expertly curated to create a unique dining experience. 

Available from 12pm daily guest's can dine from the a la carte menu or alternative chef has created a dedicated tasting menu for $180 per person with an array of delicious dishes.

For those looking to join us After Dark, we will be host to some special guests, each accompanied by our sea sirens dressed in splendor inspired by the art that surrounds. 

Thursday, 1st

Friday, 2nd 

Saturday, 3rd 

Book online or for additional availability or more details please call (305) 889 7888